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What are some ways to observe Yom Kippur when unable to fast or attend temple?

As the title says, I will be unable to fast or attend temple on Yom Kippur, and so I was wondering how else I can observe the holiday since I don’t want to feel like I’m skipping it, as my religion is important to me.

For context, I am a college student who has a very physically intense class the day of Yom Kippur, and due to both the aforementioned demanding nature of the class and the timing of it, I cannot fast for my safety and I am unable to attend services at my temple. Regardless, I have physical and mental reasons that prohibit me from fasting for my health, which has been persistent for the past few years, so that is no surprise to me. I typically just restrict my diet and purely sustain myself with what’s necessary for my health, however I am unable to do that this year since I will be exerting my energy; I need enough nutrients to carry me through hours of physical labor.

So, yeah- any ideas? It’d preferably be things I can do at home, either indoors or outdoors.

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