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What are some quintessential Jewish-themed novels & films?

Let me just be more specific to the question; I don’t mean explicitly films & novels about Judaism nor the novels & films about the traditions and history of Judaism but Jewish-themed novels & films.

For instance, I think the works of Kafka is profoundly Jewish. I don’t think he ever mentioned any explicit references of Judaism or had overt Jewish characters but the ideas, the sensibilities and even his humor (which gentiles don’t really spot it but Jews do) is very Jewish. Also with films, I think the films of Stanley Kubrick is very Jewish. The subliminal Jewish mythicism that can be read in 2001 or the theme of the outsider trying to assimilate in a high (goy) society in Barry Lyndon or the Freudian and anxiety-driven film of Eyes Wide Shut is very Jewish, in my opinion.

So again, what are some quintessential Jewish-themed novels & films?

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