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What are some good book recommendations on the Jewish wisdom?

I am not Jewish, I was raised in a Catholic setting and while I believed in the religion, I felt my faith was decreasing over the years to almost near atheism. A lot of priest who got too greedy or too “cultist” for a lack of better terms. I felt religion was just a corrupt institution, and I felt lost in life. However one day I decided to listen to a Rabbi on how to pray, how to give to the less fortunate and such issues. I felt it restored my faith in god am I am interested in reading a book on Jewish wisdom.

Sorry if I came out as a bit ignorant about the Jewish faith as if I am categorizing Jews as just one type of philosophy/religion/wisdom or whatsonot just due to the anecdotal experience with a single Rabbi. I’ve became quite agnostic over the years and lack much knowledge about religion nowadays. I am not seeking to become a Jew as I know it’s not easy and know someone cannot just become Jewish. I am just seeking some good book recommendations about the Jewish wisdom (that isn’t a hard read if possible) as a way to get advice and restore my faith in god. Thank you, and again sorry if I came out as ignorant.

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