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What are healthcare superstitions in the Jewish culture?

Hi, I’m not Jewish, I’ve been assigned the topic of Jewish people and healthcare. I live in a heavily Jewish area but I have no idea about Jews so I’m trying to ask this question before the sabbath.

What are healthcare superstitions that are common in the Jewish culture? What is the origin of those superstitions?

For example, Chinese patients don’t believe in consuming cold products when they are sick. So if their 5 year old child recently had their tonsils removed they may refuse you allowing their child to have a cold popsicle if they didn’t know any better. The origin of this is hot and cold theory rooted in Chinese medicine.

Or another example, Russians believe whistling around the sick will make them sicker. So one should refrain from whistling around them in a hospital setting because they may assume you’re wishing ill. Whistling is seen as a misfortune.

Thanks in advance

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