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What am I meant to do on Yom Kippur?

I was raised on the orthodox spectrum of Jewish but my parents divorced and I became disconnected from my Judaism since. I want to reconnect and my dad is more observant, my mom got remarried to a catholic and celebrates his holidays and doesn’t participate in Jewish culture anymore. My dad stuck to Judaism, and I think for him it was a coping mechanism. Dealing with the divorce, soon followed by the loss of a close family member, and growing up pretty poor, I think it offered him a sense of structure through it all. As such, we attended chabad when we couldn’t afford food and I would join community gatherings for help in school because we couldn’t afford a tutor. I’m also autistic, I find it’s easy to unmask in Jewish communities and I find comfort in the structure it provides for day to day life, but my mom always made me feel like it’s a bad thing and I should hide my Judaism. So I rarely participated in Yom Kippur and when I did I was a lot younger and now I don’t remember most of how it goes.

If anyone could explain some of the things we’re supposed to reflect on, pray about, etc, I’d really appreciate it. Also because I’m autistic, saying in general “reflect” doesn’t mean a whole lot since it feels too vague, it might work for some I just struggle with that.

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