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What advice should we give to disillusioned Christians who are interested in becoming Jews?

Imagine you are a Christian who has just come to the shocking realization that Jesus is not the Messiah. Your worldview is flipped upside down and you no longer know what to believe.

If they don’t outrightly drop religion all together, the sensible option is to begin exploring Christianity’s neighbors ie: Islam and Judaism. Islam still affirms Jesus as a messiah, so they settle on Judaism. When they get to Judaism, if they aren’t outrightly turned away they are told that Judaism is for Jews and that they should begin their own process of self discovery.

Time and time again I’ve heard Rabbi’s echo the sentiment “If you’re English, go be English. If you’re Italian, figure out what it means to be Italian. If you’re Jewish, be a Jew”. That’s all good and well but what does that actually mean?

If for example an English person comes to the conclusion Christianity is not true, and they are turned away from Judaism, what is left for them other than the pre-Christian polytheistic faith of their ancestors? Isn’t this, in a sense, against Judaism? Outside of the “abrahamic” faiths isn’t polytheism (or some form of polytheism) the default?

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