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Western wall note & prayer question

I will be visiting the western wall and I would like to write a note and maybe pray. I’m not really religious (as in I’ve never prayed before besides the scripted ones you say at Hanukah and stuff) and idk how to do it or how to write the note. Are there certain things you have to say (like amen or Baruch atta adonay) when praying or writing the note? What else do I say?? Also is there a certain way to write the note as well? I feel like just writing down all the things I wish/pray for and nothing else is disrespectful but at that same time I can’t think of any normal intro like writing “hey! How are you ?” Or “dear g-d” just seems cringe and weird lol. I read online that you should start off with something your grateful for but I feel like I need an introduction but idk if that’s normal or I just write it or what

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