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Were you okay riding in a car a week after birth?

My husband and I go to Brooklyn every couple of weeks and stay at his parents (my parents are non religious) for shabbat. The shul we go to there is pretty much our regular shul and we had our shabbat chatan there. We planned to do the bris in that shul because of our relationship there and for it to be easier for my husband’s grandparents in their 80s to make it to the bris and not come all the way to Westchester where we live.

Now I’m reading that some women are very uncomfortable after birth and I haven’t given birth before so don’t know what to expect and am worried I will be in too much pain to sit in the car (husband in driving) for the 45min-1hr drive.

Should I tell my husband to not do the bris in Brooklyn? Can anyone share their experiences? Thank you.

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