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Were the names Yosel and Israil ever used interchangeably? Has the name Israil ever been taken on as a name later in life?

My 4th-great-grandfather was Israil Faibisovich born in 1832 in Mglin, Bryansk, Russia. His father was Faibysh Faibisovich. I’ve been trying to figure out who Faibysh’s father was and have come up with 3 candidates, although only one is important for this post.

While digging through 1850 census records for the town of Mglin, I stumbled upon a Faibysh Faibisovich who at the time had 3 children; Yosel, Yankel, and Masia. Yosel was born in 1832 and I’ve long theorized that this is my Israil.

Aside from the obvious same birth year, I’ve found two other pieces of evidence for this theory. I knew from an autobiography written by Israil’s son that he had a younger sister, which could be this Masia.

The other piece of evidence is that I’ve already seen a conclusive example in this family of someone taking on the name Israil later in life. That person’s name was Nota Faibisovich, born in 1840 in the same town (Mglin). If my theory is correct, he’s my 4th-great-grandfather’s 1st cousin. He shows up as Nota in the 1850 and 1882 Census. But, later in life, after becoming a Tzadik, he took on the name Israel Nota Faibisovich. That’s how he began signing his name off and even on his children’s death certificates they wrote Israel Faibisovich, not Nota.

To the best of your knowledge was the name Israel ever taken later in life and or was it given to confer the role of tsadik in a community? Have you ever heard of that happening in Russia and Ukraine? OR were the names Yosel and Israil ever used interchangeably during this time period in this part of the world?

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