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Weird family stuff??//proof of Judaism?

So I want to join a synagogue in the future and honestly I’d love to make Aliyah and join the IDF too tbh. My family were Iraqi Jews but most converted to Islam to stay safe, and my grandma and her parents moved to Kuwait. Her parents were both Jewish but my grandma married a Muslim man. My mom was raised Muslim and because her mother’s parents converted she was raised Muslim too. And so it’s been gone for so long and I have no proof of Judaism. My parents don’t tell me family stuff and so I was rly happy to find out because I love Judaism so much:)) and anyways so I have no idea how I’d get proof because I bet there are definitely no records now 😭especially after all that time has passed… I heard about a giyur le’chumra?? But someone said I still need proof for that? I thought it’s for if u don’t have proof?:) Can someone please explain because I’m rly confused. I rly want to embrace my Judaism but it feels wrong because it’s basically died out in my family and I can’t find any official evidence.. it bugs me because it’s like “what if, what if it’s a mistake” etc.

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