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We shouldn’t hate anti-Israel jews

Disclaimer: I’m very zionist. I was born and grew up in Israel, and I’m serving in the IDF special forces right now (not a combatent, but still an important role in my unit).

I don’t like anti-zionism. I think it’s a destructive ideology that’s hurting the Israelis and palestinians much more than it could ever help any of us. Despite that, I hate it when I see people on this sub and the other jewish subs being accused of being fake jews, or outright banned for saying they’re opposed to Israel.

We shouldn’t gatekeep judaism. Judaism is a part of our culture and our ethinicity. We don’t have to believe something about a state in some other part of the world to be a part of this faith.

We need to be able to accept others of our community for their beliefs, even when we’re greatly opposed to them.

I do think that anti-zionism has no place in jewish subreddits, such as this one. I just think we shouldn’t let this make villians out of other jews.

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