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We need to talk about Muslim and Arab antisemitism

After spending 6 years here and just talking to people not from Middle East in general, I feel it’s time to talk about your misconception on who the modern antisemites are.

Those of you outside of Middle East, picture an antisemite. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A nazi? A nazi supporter? If you’re picturing a white man or woman, you’re 80 years too late.

Have you seen the post from a nice Egyptian kid here made only few hours ago? Have a look! And now picture one to two BILLION people world wide being educated generation after generation the same tropes and propaganda that kid described.

We’re talking about the entirety of Middle East. And good portions of Asia.

Yes, they lack the secularism and industrialism to reach the level nazis reached. But their antisemitism is still no joke, as many Jews who wondered into a Muslim or Arab area will tell you.

Why did I make this post? Please, wake up. If you want to help combat antisemitism, our number one priority should be reaching out to Muslim and Arab youth. They are radicalized against Jews, and especially Israelis, beyond belief. The ideas of Jews being greedy, to want to conquer everything, to be sly and manipulating, to have no honour, to have no problem with killing kids either for personal gain or for other Jewish purposes, these ideas are COMMON SENSE in Muslim and Arab circles. Those who stand up against these idea are the** minority**, blesssd be they!

I know why many of you are blindsided. “How can brown or asian people be antisemitic???” Let me tell you, ANYONE can be antisemitic. Look beyond race or religion. Listen to what they say. Try to understand their motives. And call bullshit when you hear it no matter WHO says it: be they disabled trans muslim black African or your parents.

Thank you ❤ Together we can stop it!

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