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Was this chillul Hashem?

I was having a philosophy class introducing the concept of ethnocentrism, and while debating on the topic I said that, just as any national religion, Judaism also has ethnocentric views, meaning we hold views that the world somewhat revolve around us, even though this doesn´t inherently mean we feel superior towards other. Immediatly, many of my classmates looked at me weird, and after class, one of them told me what I said was a major chillul hashem, as it plays into the antisemitic canard of “chosen people etc etc”. As all the students present were Jews and the philosophy teacher is very used to jewish environments, I thought that he (and my colleagues) would be totally okay and comprehensive on hearing this from a purely anthropological view, as we were comaparing many cultures.

Halachically so or not, do you think I made Jews look bad there?

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