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Was Samson a villain?

Before he has his hair shorn and is blinded, Samson is constantly violating the Law.

He rips a lion in half, leaves its carcass out in the sun for a week, then finds a beehive growing inside of it and reaches in and starts eating the honey. That’s not kosher at all.

Then he married a Philistine woman, which is against the Law as well.

He kills 30 people and abandons his first family because his wife told some people the answer to his terrible riddle. He burns crops, he slaughters thousands, he’s basically a terrorist. Even his final act, though it’s an act of faith, still kind of just amounts to killing a bunch more people.

In Milton, Samson recognizes his error in wielding strength without wisdom and laments his lack of foresight. Does the Biblical Samson ever come to such a realization? When he prays for Hashem to give him strength, why does Hashem grant that to him in his final moments? Is Samson just a killing tool used by Him to enforce His will? Or is there some kind of worthiness or enlightenment attained during his imprisonment that is rewarded with an answer to Samson’s final prayer?

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