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Was or is Judaism influneced or infiltrated by Pagan mystic like christianity?

Hey my fellows i watched some intresting videos about pagan worshipping and how this trinity of Nimrod, his pagan wife Semiramis and his son Tammuz are the fundament of all known myths in the world.

I have some decent knowledge about greek,nordic, egypt mythology and they all have the same trinity as their supreme beings in the pantheon

Osiris(Moon) Isis (Sun) Horus (Star)

Odin(Moon Freya(Sun) Thor (Star)

Zeus (Moon) Hera(Sun) Ares (Star)

Even the creation myths is similar

Also since the roman changed their religion from the greek pantheon to the roman catholic church they copied a decent amount of pagan elements.

Looks like some Babylonias surrived g-ds wrath and the 2 sieges, and might be in some high rank positions overl ast the 3000years

Since today these symbols have no good intentions and are mostly related with the occult mystic.

Even our calendar is based on pagan traditions…

Is there any similarities in Judaism which are the same as pagan practice?

Are there any sources of failed infiltration of the holy books? (like the re writing of the Bible in the council of Nicaea)

What is the jewish stance to pagan or modern pagan worshipper?

Some answers would be really nice,

wish you all a wonderful day

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