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Was in an antisemitic attack, was beaten and robbed all because one black employee from wallgreens decided to punch me outside the store.

I was attacked 2 months ago at about 11h30 pm on april 1st because i attempted to buy towels for a homeless black man who attempted to rob them and got kicked out, because i entered with him the guard to him to leave, and one employee told me i was “probably going to rob too” she came up to me and started yelling at me to leave, after an argumment with her i told them they could follow me as i was going to just buy some snacks with my foodstamps, the guard proceed to push me outside the door throwing me to the floor, this black lady employee comes to me and punches me and as soon as i get punched id say 6 or 7 other black people joined in and started beating the shit out of me, at one point im on the floor and this lady goes away to the wallgreens while i was getting kicked and punched by the same community i attempted to help, lost my flipper tooth , my wallet my phone, she comes back with a baseball bat and people try to stop her, but she proceeds to hit me in the head and in the shoulder, i was in immense pain in the floor and nobody called 911 as i felt something was broken in my arm i could not move it at all, after being in the floor begging for help i knew i had to do something so i decide to run for my life, i beg people in the street to call 911 but nobody gave a shit,

I went to newark pen station where the police asked for an ambulance, in there i went to university hospital, in the hospital they suspected i was lying since they saw no visible damage and since i have been in the psychiatric ward for severe suicidal depression, they do an xray to my arm tell me theres no damage and they proceed to put me in the psych ward telling me im having delusions about someone hitting me, i try to talk to the manager of the psych ward but he ignores me and makes his underlying workers hold me down in my room and sedate me with haldol all becuase i told him i was hit by a baseball bat, they now put me in the hospital court and are forcing me to be in a mandatory outpatient treatment , i have been going to this place from 8am to 5pm everyday where all the workers do is put youtube or netflix movies and just fuck on their phone, went to the police to report the crime but they dont believe me and refuse to do a police report, worst part is that on the 18th of april my shoulder dislocated in bed ( i know right) i called 911 and went to clara mass and they did an xray and did indeed tell me my shoulder dislocated and they asked what happened and i told them someone hit me with a baseball bat 2 weeks before.

Since this has happened i have been severely depressed because at the initial hospital they told my doctor to remove my antidepressant since they stated it was making me have”Delusions” . my remote doctor took me off the med removing my depression, tomorrow i need to go to the hospital court and they are most definitely
gonna force me to stay another month or even 6 months (as its possible) in this stupid outpatient treatment where i cannot work and therefore cant pay anybills and will consequently become homeless as i have been before due to shit family and severe depression, this is all because i fucking tried to help ahomeless person not get cold at night. Im trying to desperately trying to find some help for this antisemetic crime that was commited against me but cant find a single lawyer will help me. What would my fellows jewish people do in this case? I have contacted like 13 lawyers for this baseball bat incident but they all tell me without a police report theres nothing they can do, but the fucking police investigator tells me im bullshitting me and this fucking asswipe tells me he went to see the video and sees the first 10 mins argumment and tells me he sees me getting pushed to the floor and then tells me he stopped the video since he saw no baseball bat, i told him all he had to watch is like 5min after i get thrown to the floor but he ignored me, i tried contacting my local
councilman but he tells me he doesnt control the police and cant do anything.

I even tried posting inthe lawyer subreddit in reddit, but they tell me im lying and i even got banned
from reddit, in newark nj we get people literally getting shot stabbed beaten robbed.

Proof of my shoulder dislocation due to baseball bat :

If anyone could indicate me a lawyer that could potentially help me in this tristate area i would really
appreciate it since i dont know what to do T.T

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