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Was I being Antisemitic Here?

Was I being Antisemitic Here?

In my most recent post, I made a theory for a popular fantasy manga in Japan called One Piece.

This character’s name is Usopp

So something about Usopp is that he really wants to go to an Island full of Giants called Elbaf, he is a serial liar, and his name is based on Aesop an ancient fabulist. Elbaf spelled backward is Fable

Image of a part of my post

In my theory, I said Usopp’s design/story was inspired by three stories. David vs Goliath, Pinocchio, and The Boy Who Cried, Wolf.

I stated this: David vs Goliath is a Christian/Jewish story. About a guy named David who used a sling to defeat a giant terrorizing people. Both David and Usopp use a slingshot for a weapon, had curly hair, a long nose (David was Jewish and the long nose is a stereotype of Jewish people), and a fascination with the Giants.

These lines got me accused of Antisemitism.

I wanted to know what I said wrong, and I won’t argue with the majority consensus

If I really was being anti-Semitic my apologies it wasn’t my intention.

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