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Warm hearts, pls take a min to give an internet hug of support to this wonderful woman

Hi guys. So I follow this incredibly sweet woman who makes YouTube videos about the ultra orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn and today I see a live from her, which is unusual. I go and see. Apparently she built up the courage to make a video to confront the suspicion she’s been having lately…. That it’s possible that these bullies online and possibly (!) some of the protests are using “Zionism” as a code for spewing antisemitism.

She really does make videos and content that is strictly related to Judaism and often about Jewish communities that don’t even support Zionism, so it’s really hitting her. Come by and drop some support if you have a moment. She really is a nice person and her channel is not famous/doesn’t try to go viral etc so I’m sure she would appreciate decent humans reassuring her that what she’s feeling is not crazy or odd. (She shares some of the comments she gets on TikTok it’s really really sick tbh… feel like people that are “visibly Jewish” are taking the brunt of the harassment for everyone else, esp those that are secular and/or atheist 🥹)

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