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War in Israel & Related Antisemitism News Megathread (posted every three days)

This is the recurring megathread for discussion and news related to the war in Israel and Gaza. Please post all news about related antisemitism here as well. Other posts are still likely to be removed.

Previous Megathreads can be found by searching the sub.

Please be kind to one another and refrain from using violent language. Report any comments that violate sub and site-wide rules.

Be considered too in the content that you share. Use spoilers, where appropriate when linking or describing violently graphic material.

Please keep in mind that we have Crowd Control set to the highest level. If your comments are not appearing when logged out, they’re pending review and approval by a mod.

Finally, remember to take breaks from news coverage and be attentive to the well-being of yourself and those around you.

Unrelated: Reminder to TAKE OUR ANNUAL SURVEY!

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