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Visiting East Asia & the religious (Buddhist, Confucian, Shinto, Taoist) buildings (incl. defunct) as a Jew

I was wondering under what conditions can I, a Jew, visit sights, solely for achitectural, artistic, & cultural appreciation value, that are currently or have been used by Buddhist, Confucian, Shinto, Taoist faiths (or traditions, philosophies, religions, etc.)? I’m considering a trip to East Asia and love architecture, art, and taking pictures.

I have asked Orthodox rabbis, and some of them have asked “do people pray in them,” so that leads me to ask “what constitutes a yes to that question.” Where does a defunct one fall? Does anyone know if whether or not incense is burnt, or has a dedicated priest, in any of these renders it ‘used’ or ‘defunct?’ Or if that matters? Another Orthodox rabbi said “it’s complicated.” I know the question in the end is how to avoid Avoda Zara. I am not that observant but I would like to break fewer laws than I might.

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