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Virtual Speed Dating Event for the Jewish Community.

Virtual Speed Dating Event for the Jewish Community.

Hi Guys!

I have been a creeper for a long time but never a poster. I wanted to share with you something in case any of you were interested.

So ive been working for the last 3 months on a virtual speed dating platform called Isodate. Isodate is a web portal that mimics in person speed dating events using webcams. We have created an algorithm that matches attendees webcams on the platform and allows them to have a 3 minute video date with another attendee of an event. After the date they get the option to like or pass and the next date pops up on the screen. This happens until they have had all available matches.

We are running an Worldwide Jewish Virtual Speed Dating Event on Thursday June 25. Id love to see if any of you would be interested in the event? The women’s tickets have sold out We have 40 amazing women from all over North America attending. We still have a few mens tickets, so if you wanted the chance to date safely and meet Jewish women within lockdown, this could be a great way to do it.

Im hoping this could be of use to some of you,

Thanks in advance, and I hope you are all keeping safe.

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