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Virtual minyan options in Israel/Europe/South Africa time zones ?

Here’s my situation: I am currently in the 11 months saying kaddish, but for the next 5 weeks or so I’ll be living in a country with no synagogue, no Chabad, and probably not even 10 Jews total. I usually don’t prefer Zoom minyan but to me it’s better than nothing because I’d rather say kaddish on zoom than not say it at all. I’m in the same time zone as Israel.

Any recs on either of the following are highly appreciated:

  • Conservative shuls or other regular minyans in the Israel, UK, Europe, South Africa time zones that do zoom minyan?
  • A Conservative or Orthodox minyan that meets in person but puts up a phone or laptop so people can join virtually. Orthodox synagogue in the US I know of does that during the week. (I realize orthodox wouldn’t count me as part of minyan on zoom and wouldn’t have zoom on yom tov).

thanks in advance

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