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Vintage Mezuzot

Kind of a random question.

I live in a building that was built 1916 and from what I can tell from census records was occupied by Russian Jewish Immigrants.

There is a Mezuzot on one of our door frames that has been painted over who knows how many times since it was out there. It is hard to see any details. It looks like there might be a short Hebrew letter towards the top of it.

I haven’t been able to get a good picture of it it’s in a dark spot that doesn’t get natural light. The top coat of paint the last people put in is a high gloss white and lighting just kind of makes it hard to see any details.

Would anyone have images of what Vintage Mezuzot would look like. I don’t think it would be fancy, they didn’t have a lot of money based on what I was able to find from the census records.

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