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View of the Witch of Endor

Non-Jew with a question about Saul going to the Witch of Endor and her summoning up of Samuel. I understand that there won’t be a single “Jewish” view. I would love to know the consensus or if there is a different Orthodox vs. Reformed view : Did the Witch actually summon up Samuel’s spirit/soul/ghost?

May I please ask that should you choose to answer this question you do so from the perspective as if it is mostly true/happened or at least as it is to be understood? I realize that some will say it is a story/allegory/legend of Saul lost and not meant to be a word by word recording of what actually happened. I further recognize others will say there are 1000 rational explanations for it, not the worst of which is that the “Witch” didn’t summon anyone.

The space I am coming from: I think 60% of evangelical Christians believe that it was demon/could not possibly be Samuel (why: mainly a witch can’t summon anyone holy, the ghost was more or less wrong or lying, he seems to being saying he was dragged up out of the afterlife and no way a human could to that to Samuel). I think about 40% say it totally was Samuel (why: the scripture would tell us or note it in an unsubtle way if it was not, to further make the point Saul was lost/what a dope being duped).

Non-evangelical asking for other perspectives. I hope this wasn’t an offensive question to anyone here in any way.

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