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Very (very) early in my c*nversion process, but I have officially gotten my first “your people killed our guy.”

Feels a bit like a rite of passage.

I’m very aware of the history of this libel and the role it has played in the subjugation of Jews across time, but the incident didn’t bother me quite as much as I expected it to, probably because the person was ignoring the actual subject at hand (which was neither the J guy nor Judaism) and dodging respectful questions/responses in favor of antisemitic gotchas. Frequent changing of subject and shifting of goalposts made it clear that I was dealing with a troll, which in turn made it fairly easy to brush it off and move on.

If I’ve taken a lesson from this, it’s that logic is not always taken to kindly and that if people want to be mad about secular institutions (in this case, Oxford*) changing their logos to remove religious imagery, it’s easiest to let them.

*Editing to clarify— Oxford University Press.

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