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Uuugh I tried watching Greys Anatomy a few days ago and there was this one episode if anyone remembers with like the worst representation of an orthodox Jewish girl.

I won’t get into all my gripes but it’s season 1 episode 8 for anyone who’s interested. A few things: her parents were reform I think I don’t remember but they named her Devo after the band and guess what she changed her name to when she decided to become orthodox? You guessed it… Esther! Like they took the most generic Jewish name ever and decided that anyone becoming orthodox would name themselves that. Obviously she’d name herself Devora. That was a minor thing there are a few other minor things as well but the worst thing was that the plot revolved around her refusing a life-saving medical injection because pig was one of the ingredients. The writers obviously did zero research or they would know that pig injections are allowed in life threatening situations and it would actually probably be asur to refuse it because of vnishmartem od linafshosachem. So the whole plot was just plain stupid and it made Devo/Esther look like an idiot. She didn’t even consult a rabbi before making the decision not to get the medication, and she couldn’t have done it offscreen cuz no rabbi would’ve agreed with her.

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