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Using Yiddish words/phrases as somebody who is not Jewish?

Hi all, hopefully it’s okay to ask this here.

I’m a Christian who grew up in NYC. For my entire life I’ve heard and used the following words/phrases in everyday conversation:

  • oy vey
  • schlep
  • schmuck
  • spiel
  • schmooze

There’s probably more but those are the main ones. I always knew these words came from Yiddish but it’s only recently I’ve been considering whether it’s OK for me as a non-Jew to say these things.

I grew up around this language and so it sort of just comes out automatically. I never put on an exaggerated accent or try to make fun, but I’m a little worried maybe it’s coming across the wrong way. Then again I tend to be a neurotic over thinker so this could also be a ridiculous question!

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you 🙂

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