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Using Sephardic instead of Mizrahi

Hi I’m a secular Israeli Jew who recently moved to the US. From what I know I’m 1/2 Ashkenazi (Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Belgium), 1/8 Sephardic (Spain), and 3/8 Mizrahi (Egypt, Iraq). I noticed that people here use Sephardic as an umbrella term for non-Ashkenazi Jews and don’t use the term Mizrahi. Maybe it’s because I don’t know any other Mizrahim IRL but I’ve never heard anyone use it. Whenever someone mentions a MENA jew, the Jew is referred to as Sephardic rather than Mizrahi. When discussed the different “types” of Jews with an Ashkenazi Rabbi he only mentioned Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews and gave me a very vague description of each. Basically, I was wondering why American Jews use the word Sephardic instead of Mizrahi and how I should describe my heritage (mentioned above).

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