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I’m the proud mother of an amazing little boy, I have so enjoyed raising him so far and picture him being Jewish as he grows up. His father is not Jewish however and it brings me to feeling as if I am projecting my own faith/heritage on him.

I am quite the planner so I’ve been getting things together for his 3rd birthday in September which was to include his first haircut as a right of passage. I am Ashkenazi and this particular tradition is meaningful to me.

When I ask him about cutting his hair he says “no” pretty much every time. As the time draws near his father and other family members are also against having it cut but I don’t know what to do because I want to give him as much autonomy as possible while still giving him the Jewish roots and upbringing I have envisioned for him.

Is it wrong for me to place so much meaning to this?

How do I reconcile these feelings 🙁

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