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Update- Yeshiva Search

I’ve posted here before about my search for a yeshiva in Israel, and I’d like to provide an update. I’m deeply interested in Neveh Zion, but I’m also exploring other options. My background is unique – I’ve had the experience of attending both public school and yeshiva. My family takes great pride in our Jewish culture, although we’ve not been particularly religious. Yet, I have a profound love for Israel and a desire to make it my permanent home.

I’m on a journey to deepen my connection to Judaism and Torah. What sets me apart is that I don’t currently keep kosher, don’t observe Shabbat, and I have been smoking weed. My goal is to gradually make changes and find a middle ground where my spiritual growth flows naturally.

I’m looking for a yeshiva in Israel that allows me the freedom to attend shiurs at my own pace, gradually develop a stronger passion for Torah, and adapt to a more observant lifestyle without overwhelming pressure to go from 0 to 100.

If you have any recommendations for yeshivot or programs that can accommodate my unique situation, or if you have personal experiences to share, I would truly appreciate your guidance. Your insights will play a crucial role in helping me find the right path for my spiritual journey and my dream to call Israel my permanent home. Thank you.

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