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Update: What is going on with this dating crisis?

It’s been just about a year since I made this post…

Wow. What a year it has been. I’m typing this as I’m researching wedding venues and contacting immediate family to make sure they’re available for the date we’ve chosen.

I moved to Chicago in April last year, passing up a job I had preferred because for some reason, I felt I was meant to be in Chicago and would find my bashert here. After a few weeks of moving in and getting to know the community, I was so frustrated because I hadn’t found anyone. I felt so silly that I had followed a stupid “gut feeling” and had possibly compromised my future because I felt I would find my bashert immediately upon moving.

Turns out, I had met my bashert pretty much the first time I had showed up to my shul, I just didn’t know it. I thought he wasn’t religious enough, and he thought I was too religious for him (which turned out to be the opposite). We were friends for months and tried dating other people until both of us couldn’t take it anymore, and we started dating. What an amazing feeling that was. Not long after, we knew we were going to get married.

Gosh, how my life has changed since falling in love. The excitement hasn’t even begun to wear off, and I am more in love with him every day. After we spent Pesach with his family, we started learning with our Rabbi and Rebbetzin to plan our engagement and what we need to know to prepare for our wedding.

Basically, what I want to say is, just don’t give up. I worked incredibly hard for this; I davened, I followed almost every segullah for a shidduch that I could, and so did he. For years. It was more than worth it. It will happen for you.

And if you have a gut feeling that nags at you that you can’t logically explain, follow it. (I had never been to Chicago before, and signed an apartment lease in a random community without even seeing the unit; it ended up being two blocks from the shul where I met my future husband, and on his side, he started showing up to this shul on a strange coincidence as well.)

Thank you all for your original comments on my original post. It gave me the hope I needed to keep trying, to keep my eyes open. I can’t believe he was sitting right in front of me the whole time!

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