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Update on the synagogue thing

So I posted about a week ago that I was going to my first service, but it turned out that they were only allowing a limited gathering that you had to sign up for online. Fortunately I saw the sign up when I checked the website right before I was about to go because that would have been incredibly awkward since all the seats were filled. So I stayed home and was able to watch it on Facebook.

Anyway, back in December I gave myself 6 months to decide if this was something I wanted to do or not. If it was, then I would reach out to a Rabbi. However, as time has gone on, I don’t think I’m ready yet. School will be starting soon and I want to prove to my parents that I can do well. They believe conversion might be a distraction, so I have to show that I can handle my schooling and hopefully they will let me put more on my plate.

This pushes it back to December, a whole year since I decided to start on this journey. I’ll have even more time now to research and reflect on it.

By December, hopefully the services will be back in person without limits.

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