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update on my last post about not feeling connected

hi, i made a post some time ago about feeling a pretty severe disconnect (seen here

i went to my local temple and they were great. it was really nice and they have a commitment review program so membership isn’t a financial burden

i’ll admit it was definitely a bit (nay, very) jarring stepping foot into a religious institution after more than 10 years, especially with a family that doesn’t really believe in g-d and i myself having renounced religion for all of my teens and the first few months of being 20

i also did some self introspection after seeing one of the comments on my last post and having a month long break from work to myself. i’ve always wanted to go into education so i think jewish education would be a good career path for me – i’d love to try for rabbinic studies, but i know i’m reaching way beyond my capabilities lol. but who knows what’ll happen?

i hope i can learn all of what i’ve missed. i’ve picked up essential judaism by george robinson and it’s a really interesting read. i just don’t really look forward to wearing a kippah because sensory issues are brutal, but i guess that could be the sort of leeway granted with reform

thanks to those who commented on my last post, i really appreciate it

edit before you comment on the mezuzah thing you’re about to read: i was told i could get in touch with a local chabad house about a kosher scroll, and i know that’d be more appropriate. i won’t have it in time for mother’s day but i know it’d be appreciated if just a bit more than a copy

also, check out this mezuzah i got for my mother for mother’s day from the gift shop the lady who rang me up was funny, i nearly keeled after hearing that a real scroll was $40 (i had already spent $70ish that day, mezuzah and book included), but she said the copy of the scroll was complimentary. she told me that it has the same words so it isn’t really that big a deal. which i sort of agree but disagree with? but my mom isn’t religious so i know she won’t mind

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