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Update on conversion

I posted before on here (link at the bottom) that I was going to write my dad a note about why I wanted to convert to Judaism since he was so against it. He wasn’t angry for theological reasons, he was worried that it would distract me from my school work in college. We haven’t talked about it since the therapy appointment several weeks ago.

Then, yesterday, I talked to my mom yesterday for the first time about it. To my surprise, she was much more supportive. She was also worried that it might distract me during school, but encourage me to go to Shabbat services during this summer just to see what it was like.

Hey, maybe I get there and decide “no, this isn’t right for me.” I just want to test out the waters.

I plan on going to next weeks Shabbat service. They held their first in person service since the beginning to the pandemic yesterday, so I’ll still wear a mask and all, but I’m so excited!!

I don’t think I’ll tell them that I want to convert, I think I’ll just say that I’m exploring what other religions are like because I’m still on the fence about this.

Anyway, thank you for being so supportive!

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(Edit: I should add that I never did give my dad the note. I decided it was best to drop it all together with him.)

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