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Update: Mom is scared to go to the synagogue with me (Moscow, Russia). How do I convince her that it’s safe?

Ok so we went there and everything went great!! Yay.

We got a taxi there, and lots of the congregation got taxis too (taxis are relatively cheap here). The building is gorgeous. (It’s an Orthodox synagogue)

We didn’t stay for the whole thing because I could tell my mom was super tired, but it was definitely a great experience. And it felt great too! Seriously, I didn’t think I would like it this much. But it did feel good. I think I wanna go there again.

It was really fun being there with her too. She kept asking me, “And now what do they want? Who are they praying to?” And then when we were about to leave she was like, “you really should to take one of those ancestry tests to see all your Jewish heritage percentages”, and I was like, “well I’m just gonna be 12.5% because I’m 1/8th Jewish” and she was like, “I don’t know, maybe you have even more than that.”

But seriously I was hoping I wouldn’t like it, and on paper it seemed like I wouldn’t like an Orthodox synagogue, but I did like it a lot and it felt great. Not sure where that leaves me (I’m gay lmao) but I wanna go to an orthodox service when I get back to the UK too.

Also when we were about to leave, a little girl ran up towards the Aron Kodesh (she was presumably with her dad in the men’s gallery) and her dad came up with her (in the middle of the service!) and pushed the curtain fully aside for her to see the Scrolls! 🥹🥹🥹🥹

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