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Unsure where to start

My mother converted from Judaism to Catholicism and my father is Catholic so I grew up practicing that. However my mom wanted to keep a some of the traditions from her side of the family so we used to do sabbath every week, celebrate some of the holidays (still bummed we never did Sukkot but I get why my mom passed on that one), and I went to a Jewish school for two years when I was really little. As time went on, we became busy, and my mom became more Catholic we stopped doing sabbath, and the prayers, and holidays as much but they left me wanting to know more about the Jewish faith but not knowing really where to start because I don’t want to ask my mom because I know that whatever she will say is going to be from the perspective of someone who has a very strong separate belief system. I left the Catholic Church about a year and a half ago but I still believe in the divine I just don’t really know what name or form to give it. So I was wondering if a) it would be appropriate for me to even consider conversion being that my mom converted before having me, and b) where I should go for resources (ideally online ones as while I am planning on going to an actual temple I live in a virus hotspot and the less I leave the house the better) on the general moral and metaphysical beliefs of different kinds of Jewish people.

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