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Unsure how to think about something I found out

I was hanging out with a friend and we ended up googling our names. I was looking at images of the other people with my name when I found a ‘stumbling stone’ from Germany with my name on it. While I don’t have a rare last name, my family has an uncommon spelling.

I know nothing about this man except he was Jewish like I am and died at Auschwitz. I have look at this picture a few times over the past few days and I have no idea how to process this. Part of me feels sad and anxious for some reason, but mostly I feel nothing. I don’t know this man. I have no picture of him or know anything about his life. Yet we not only share a people, we share a name.

I cry at Holocaust museums and memorials but I’m just unsure how to think about this. Has anyone else found this out? Should I be feeling a certain way?

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