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Unpopular opinion: we do booing of Haman all wrong

The booing of Haman is mindlessly focused on the name Haman, not on the content of Migilah.

When he is call “Haman ben Hammedatha” we should boo after the full name. It is like booing between the first and last name. Even when it a bit longer: (10:10) “Haman Ben Hammedatha enemy of the Jews”, we should still wait for the all the tittles and adjectives to boo. The Megillah gives a full title, we should boo a full title.

Also there are some verses that we should cheer instead of boo, like (7:10):And they hanged Haman… (8:2): and the king took of his ring which he had given to Haman and gave it to Mordecai (8:7): …Behold I have given Ester the House of Haman… This is true for almost all the references after chapter 7. I want to cheer but everyone else is booing. The booing is completely contrary to the mood of the Megillah.

I would even go so far as not booing unless Haman is the active subject of the sentence. For example: ”and the king said to Haman” should not requiring booing, “and Haman said to the king” should. Just because they are taking about him or to him is not the same as him saying or doing something. Like (5:4) “and Esther said ‘if it seems good unto the king, let the king and Haman come today to the banquet I have prepared” it feels like we are booing Esther in the middle of her taking.

And while we are booing we should also boo Zeresh. A person doesn’t plan a genocide without have his wife in board. We should be equal opportunity booer.

Also we should be booing. Not banging tables. Not firing noisy toys guns. Not whistling. Not screaming. Either use a granger, or boo. Half the time it sounds like we are exciting about what is happening instead of booing it.

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