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Unexpected Time to Study

Overall, I love my new job despite taking a significant pay cut. One of the other ‘disadvantages’ was that there weren’t many options for places to eat lunch. I had considered working through lunch and leaving early, but this place strictly enforces logging out for at least 30 minutes during regular lunch hours.

So two positives have come from this move. First, I’m losing weight because I’ve removed all grazing and junk food from snack machines (we don’t have snack machines in my building). My lunches are healthier, and there isn’t the same temptation to eat something that is not kosher because no one is going out to lunch. Second, I now have a half hour to kill. I can’t be on my work computer, and my mobile signal is almost non-existent. A couple of weeks ago it finally dawned on me.

I’ve complained that I never have time to study Daf Yomi. There was always something coming up or distracting me. But now I have 30 minutes to sit, eat a sandwich, and study every weekday. Funny how things work out.

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