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Understanding Beis Din Comment

Hey. Needed some help with a comment from my beis din.

Backstory, started the ortho conversion process ~8 months ago. So far so good. It’s really been great. Not 100% where I’d like to be but clearly getting there.

My Rav felt I was ready for the first beis din meeting and scheduled it for last week. I had thought the meeting went well and walked out feeling pretty confident. However just got off a call with my Rav to go over the meeting. The big message was they thought I was a great candidate but if I didn’t met certain goals by the next meeting they would not pursue my candidacy further.

Pretty surprised. The meeting felt great. Some good back and forth between me and the members of the beis din on some deep theological questions plus I have made huge amounts of progress. Still have a way to go in the process but I thought ortho conversions normally take a while. Zero clue that they could just end the candidacy. So unexpected.

Has anyone else heard something similar meeting with the beis din? What do you even do if candidacy is no longer pursued? Move locations? Find a new beis din? Tough luck?


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