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Uncalled for dm

I posted something recently about emailing my rabbi and I wrote the note “this has nothing to do with the war”.

Unprompted and out of context, someone I used to work with slid in my dms to share a post stating this isn’t a “war”, it’s “genocide”. She didn’t like my use of words and said I needed to be held accountable. That I should educate myself and my peers, friends and family. She kept repeating the word “genocide”. I was so taken aback. She said i should be enlightened.

I literally have avoided posting or sharing anything at all about Israel for months because I’m very liberal, lean to the left, and have a strong community of social justice warriors in my life. You can obviously imagine what my feed has been… But very much stand with my Jewish people, the first community I grew up in. I understand the importance of Israel to the Jewish people. So I remain silence because I don’t want to feel like a pawn.

Was she being antisemitic? I called her that but I feel so gaslit as this moment, I never know if I’m just being overly dramatic or not. She said I was being a predictable white girl deflecting and getting defensive.

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