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~Unbidden Thoughts~

I was driving down the road one day, about 5 years ago now. This in Florida during the Summer out in the country. I just pulled out of the corner store with drinks, listening to my music, and I grab my lighter in preparation of lighting a cigarette. Out of nowhere, I had a thought, “You’re going to drop that (my lighter).” Out loud, I respond, “No, I’m not.” I attempt to light my cigarette, and the other goes tumbling. I pulled over, grabbed the lighter, started driving, and repeated this series of events. The second time I pulled over to grab my lighter, I just kind of lit it on the side of the road and acknowledged the fact that I had a thought in the third person that I absent-mindedly dismissed not one but twice.

At the beginning of the year, I did “Why the fuck not?” and looked up what the Jews had to say about hearing God. They say that God speaks to us in the “still, small voice” that one can only hear when they’re paying attention.

Has anyone else noticed this happening?

I’ve had thoughts like this since then, I listen to it even if I’m confused as to why or how (subtle knowings), and I’ve avoided a lot of grief over the years since that event.

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