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Tzitzitim on belt loops?

From what I’ve seen, the idea is almost exclusively met with strong criticism and is usually treated as an offensive matter. Just curious, but why should it be considered offensive for someone to wear their tzitzitim on their belt loops?

The logic for doing so seems to go as follows: 1. The sons of Israel are commanded to wear tassles w/ blue on the corners of their garments in Num. 15:38 (four corners in particular is specified later on in Deuteronomy, so the logic is that the Torah implies the tzitzitim should simply be applied to one’s garments in general) 2. The concept of a “corner” (כנף) doesn’t exclusively refer to a squared object (think of the “four corners of the Earth” in Isaiah 11:12, or really most other uses of the word in the Tanakh) 3. Either way, it isn’t prohibited in the Torah to wear them in non-commanded ways (so perhaps someone could have more than four tzitzitim on their robe/cloak, for example), it’s just that they must be worn in the perscribed way when the proper circumstances arise 4. Thus, so the logic goes, if a man is commanded/feels compelled to wear them in general on whichever garment they’re wearing normally – that being pants with belt loops – why not wear them there?

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts on it were! I have my own thoughts, of course, but I figured a healthy discussion could be good food for thought!

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