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Tzitzit Questions

I would like to start wearing tzitzit, but Iack the knowledge regarding etiquette and things like that.

Does one typically wear it all day, all night (except when showering)?

Does one usually wear the same tallit katan during the day as during the night, or should one have a separate tallit katan for the night?

Can I clean it by putting it in a washing machine like any other article of clothing?

How many does one typically own? Is one or two tallit katan enough?

I have both Sephardic and Ashkenazi tzitzit (my mother is Sephardic and my father Ashkenazi). Do I go by my father when choosing between the two? Can I wear both at once, or is it unusual to wear two at the same time?

Do I still wear tallit katan while I’m praying with tallit gadol?

Thank you very much.

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