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Tzedaka ideas for your Kaporet Money

A common pre-yom kippur ritual is doing the custom of “Kaporet” which in the old country, was swinging a chicken around your head symbolically recognizing the chicken was you and you are up to the slaughter block as it is a time of judgement. The chicken would be slaughtered and given to the poor of the community to have food for the Pre-Yom Kippur meal.

In this enlightened age where we don’t/can’t have this direct swinging to slaughter block to poor person consumption, a great replacement is donating to food pantries or other similar charites

When I lived in the US, I always gave to Masbia Soup Kitchen, where your money would be spent on food that day.

Today, I give to the chesed (kindness) organization in my city (Chesed Modiin)

Gmar Chatima Tova to the entire sub!

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