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"Two Jews, three opinons"

From the now-locked thread on Jewish views on homosexuality, there was a brief assertion of “two Jews, three opinions” in the form of “five Jews, 10 opinions”. This was immediately refuted with the logic that the 3:2 ratio of the original adage would restrict those five Jews to 7.5 opinons. I submit to you that fixing the ratio at 1.5 opinions per Jew misconstrues the relationship between Jews and opinions.

Contrary to the fixed-ratio assumption, I suggest a new model of opinion generation by Jews. Simply, each combination of Jews, singly or otherwise, will yield an opinion. In the two-Jew case, this comes to three- one each from Jews A and B, plus their combined opinion AB. Extrapolating to three Jews, we get seven opinions: A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, and ABC. The ratio of opinions to Jews is thus not fixed, but dependent on the total group size. From this we can use combinatorial math to predict just how many opinions a group of Jews will generate: O= 2n -1. In the case of the five Jews mentioned in the locked thread, this formula predicts 31 opinions- more than three times what was asserted, and producing a ratio more than quadruple the original.

(It should be noted that this does not account for combinations that are, for one reason or another, disallowed. Further study and documentations of internal group dynamics are necessary for a properly calibrated prediction.)

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