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TW: Loss, Ectopic Pregnancy | Religious Support/Shiva Questions for early pregnancy loss.

Hey y’all. More details in linked posts at bottom, but a brief recap of everything: My (M22) girlfriend (F22) of 2 years tested positive on a pregnancy test roughly a week and a half ago. Not trying for kids, but we have already both decided that if anything like this happened, we would carry to term. Right after testing positive, bleeding started, and after a series of harrowing events over the next week and a half, was confirmed to be an ectopic pregnancy this morning by OBGYN, with ultrasound results and declining HCG (pregnancy hormone). We are crushed. Luckily she is receiving the treatment she needs, and will be physically okay at the end of this, with both fallopian tubes intact.

I come here to ask for questions on how to approach this from a Jewish standpoint. Both me and my partner are religious, and I have been much more so ever since I met her. I want advice on how to honor the loss of this pregnancy in a Jewish way. I wasn’t raised religious, but sought my Bar-Mitzvah after learning I was 75% Ashkenaz at 13 y.o. That is to say I don’t really know how to go about holding a Shiva, or how to conceptualize this from a stance of Judiasm.

If you have any suggestions, or have done something like this before, please let me know, I need help.

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