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Tucker Carlson’s Coded Antisemitism is Becoming more Brazen

  1. Describes decline of rural, white America; blames it on new class of parasitic billionaires who aren’t loyal to United States.
  2. Harkens back to golden era of capitalism when America’s wealth was controlled solely by WASP elite – same families that ruthlessly suppressed workers’ rights, supported child labor & eugenics, etc.
  3. Celebrates Henry Ford, anti-Semite who was adored by Hitler.
  4. Introduces Paul Singer, Jewish billionaire who Carlson casts as embodiment of rapacious capitalism destroying good, honest Americans. Describes Singer as manipulator and fraud who strikes fear in the heart of elected leaders, controls Washington, D.C., and only seeks to destroy because of love for money.
  5. Details old-money WASP philanthropies without mention of Singer’s charitable efforts, implying Singer hordes wealth, rejects philanthropy (Singer has signed giving pledge, donated millions to numerous causes)
  6. Casts Singer as main player in vulture capitalism; no mention of how nice Mormon boy Mitt Romney made his millions. No mention of thousands of others who made their fortunes selling out companies.
  7. Avoids nuanced conversation about disparities in capitalist society. Seems to think capitalism was perfect and benefited regular Americans without issue until these “new billionaires” came along.
  8. Admonishes weak, ineffectual leaders afraid of Singer.

Singer’s actions were terrible, but this report was nothing more than one big anti-Semitic dog whistle. It was deliberately framed to appeal to anti-Semites while being just vague enough for Carlson to deny accusations of bigotry and reach mainstream audiences. He’s trying to appropriate Sander’s message, but instead of an honest debate about wealth inequality, he turns it into anti-Semitic drivel. This is sickening.

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