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Tu b’Shvat 5783 Megathread

This is the megathread for Tu BiShvat!

This is NOT in any way meant to limit the number of otherwise Hamisha Asar BiShvat-related posts standing alone on the sub as we approach this celebration of renewed foliage and bark.

However, wherever, and with whomever you’re going to celebrate, you won’t be alone for this plant-based party. Ask questions and share ideas here to help your fellow Jews the world over consider how our farms and orchards are doing, reflect on our relationships with nature through faith and practice, and enjoy the taste of that connection through fruits and other tree-born treats as we seek greater spiritual and physical growth in our Judaism and self.

The Fifteenth of Shevat starts on 15 Shevat and ends the same day. By Greg’s counting, it’s the evening of Sunday, 05 February and runs through Monday, 06 February.

For any Shammai-ists here, sorry we missed your tree day. Maybe next year.

Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot (The New Year of Trees) is one of four ‘new years’ laid out in Mishnah. It represents the beginning of the agricultural cycle in Eretz Yisrael and sets the schedule for agricultural tithes and orleh, or the restriction of harvesting/eating fruit crops in the first three years of their planting. It is celebrated with a seder, the eating of certain fruits and nuts, and in many Jewish communities (specifically in Israel) it is a day of education and celebration of trees and nature – often referred to as the ‘Israeli Arbor Day.’

Some resources to further introduce the holiday:

These links were from a quick consultation with Rav Google (and just knowing some good resources). There are many, many resources about Too beShevat out there. If you have any to add to this list, please share below.

And of course, the havura of Reddit is here for you this renewing season. You are not alone this year. We are all in this together, and will be together again next year, in Jerusalem.

ט״ו בשבט שמח!

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