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Tu B’Shevat

Hi folks! I’ve been lurking this community for a while and I do enjoy the debates and the information one can get from your answers. That being said, something came up and I’d like the guidance of this community. I just started my conversion process in a reform synagogue where I live and was invited to a Tu B’Shevat celebration next Sunday. Although thrilled I’m also worried because they asked everyone to contribute with a food portion for the service and I was in charge of bringing the Tuna pâté and toasts. Preparing the dish is quite easy, basically you mixture the tuna with some mayo and add some lemon juice for extra flavour. I already checked and I can get the kosher products from a supermarket close by, would I have to take some extra measure for the final product to stay kosher? Like using brand new dinnerware to mix the ingredients and to serve it? Is there anything I should absolutely avoid doing? Sorry for the long post and the English but I really want this to work and need your wisdom if possible. Thanks in advance!

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